The Faculty of Chemistry, Biology, Geography is an interdisciplinary and trans-disciplinary faculty that brings together specialists from four main areas of science: chemistry, biology, geography and environmental science.
In our training and research activities, the students and our collaborators will frequently meet partners from abroad (Universities in Bremen, Angers, Sorbonne-Paris Gdansk, Wageningen, Tubingen, Gottingen, Pisa etc) that support our teaching and research programs, through numerous scholarships for students and teachers. Once again, collaboration occurs through the student, associate professor, or partnered research projects.
The Faculty of Chemistry, Biology, Geography has structured activities to emphasize didactic lessons and research::
 Biology-Chemistry Department (,
 Geografy Department (

The Department of Geography manages exciting, diverse and complementary educational programs, addressing nature and culture lovers. Four specializations are offered at the Bachelor level (Geography, Geography of Tourism, Territorial Planning, Environmental Science)

Currently, the Biology - Chemistry Department offers four specializations at the Bachelor level: Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry and Medical Chemistry.